I've Got My Time Machine (bad_radio) wrote,
I've Got My Time Machine

Some songs

Written shitloads of songs recently, here's a couple.

Dead On Arrival (Emooo)

Passed off like an over keen potential
Sewn up, three stitches means it's fragile
Digestive, and I think I'm falling deeper
Evolving - a man that's even neater

Cash flows, and trees grow
But atrophy strengthens me, atrophy strengthens me

Signing... comfort overlooks me
Cast off as the man that feels but can't see

Teardrops, and rest stops
This shell is an entity, this shell is an entity

Eyes fail, the troops bail
Defeat is the enemy, defeat is the enemy

[It eats at your heart
'Til there's only half left
Only then will you know
That my promise is kept]


I was made for dark sunsets
And oceans emerald green
Flat land and open black
Where I can run and not be seen

Seems like so long ago
When I was focused strong
On who I was and what that meant
Can't believe it's gone so wrong

But I, caught it just in time
Reflection on old friends - tying up loose ends
And I, will make it all okay
If I can just focus, If I can just focus

I was made for squawking gulls
And shops open 'til 9
How I miss the clinking masts
All I had, all that was mine

Adaptation, ramifications
Completly lost my touch
Up in the air, I felt despair
I think it's fair I missed you this much
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