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some more songs [17 Apr 2008|05:15pm]
just written music and lyrics for 3 songs
Not sure about the last one but nevermind
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More songs! [26 Feb 2008|04:53pm]
Not sure about this one: This one I'm more proud of :
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Some songs [23 Jan 2008|02:41am]
Written shitloads of songs recently, here's a couple.

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Oh my, he wrote a song [13 Dec 2007|07:03pm]
aWeeey just wrote a really quick and basic song for the first time in over a year. Was inspired to create something after I heard some American journalist on the train bragging about interviewing Meredith Kercher's mum. Anyway here it is, and yes it does sound emo, but the music that matches sounds alright.
I am well aware of the shitness of the lyrics but first song in ages, forgive me

Coulsdon lost it's dancing queen
Crowned on the day you fuckers cashed in
Care for care when there's money to get
No respect, no peace to be let

"I've never failed up until now".. don't cry in your sleep
Poor cabbie was touched by your "innocent" weep
You think she understands, and wants you there?
Pestering nuisance, the Italian's fair

You say you've not seen yours in a couple of months
Well she will never see her's again
Miami awaits your twisted lobsided views
Portray her hurt as your front page news

And Coulsdon lost it's dancing queen
Crowned on the day you fuckers cashed in

Capo 2nd
C - Am - Em
e     8                 8
d    10      x8    10
g    9                 0
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I'm back [25 Nov 2007|06:04pm]
Yep. Might start posting again
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In the words of Slim Shady "GUESS WHO'S BACK" [23 Apr 2006|01:39pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Hell yeah to abusing LiveJournal by neglecting this big fat box! I've been so bored past couple of days I've had to resort back to LJ, how sad. Of course if I don't then my brain might just implode on itself due to insufficient expansion of the social kind, so it's for the better possibly. No contact with the world since Friday at school. Mehhhhhhhhh! I'm talking to myself in my head.

If I had a bike I'd be far away

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[27 Oct 2005|05:53pm]
1. Open a music player.
2. Go to 'all music'/'library'.
3. Hit shuffle/repeat/randomise.
4. Find photos of the first 10 artists/bands that come up (no repeats and no cheating).
5. Have people guess who the artists/bands are.
6. Paste this in your journal and do it too, so I can have fun guessing as well.
7. You're only allowed to guess THREE, leave some for other people!
HereeeeeeeeeeeCollapse )
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Wooohoo [02 Jun 2005|05:02am]
Its 5 am, Im typing quietly, and all is well! (apart from my lack of sleepiness)
The birds started singing at 3.53.
I watched The Prophecy 3 and The Pianist and 5 episodes of Have I Got News For You.
Now I'm waiting for Neighbours and its off to Blackpool!
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Quotes [29 Jan 2005|06:56pm]
"Behave like rock stars, not like the President." - eddie vedder

"I had to do this shit fucking shit fuck cunt... then put sand in it"- Ferg

"'If not for the Buzzcocks, we'd probably sound like Good Charlotte or something. No, no, it's not bad, it just sounds like... tastes like a popsicle that's been shoved up someone's ass... some people are into that!"- Eddie Vedder
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