I've Got My Time Machine (bad_radio) wrote,
I've Got My Time Machine

some more songs

just written music and lyrics for 3 songs

Softly, whispers

A croak and howl, the broken owl sings

Guessing, believing

In a story, happens more he cries

Tears fall, to the soil

And freezes over, the beautiful loner tries

Echelons, no sing-a-longs

He makes his way, through another day and hopes

Darling, my only

Consolation is true; I’ll be here for you


In the forest, I’m lost

The moon’s suspicious, the bite is vicious

Relentless hoarfrost

The hardened ground makes a crunching sound


Remembers, a time when

Sets pulsated, but all’s gyrated now

Waiting, patient

His will is breaking, she is taking everything

But dreaming, and seaming

He’ll sew together, a new forever and wish

For someone, anyone

To share his burden, open the curtain and see

That forests, are honest

They give you what you need, and so would he


In the forest I’m lost

I hope for an encounter, and then I’d have found her

And in this hoarfrost

The sun will rise, and I’ll eventually fly



To the sea

Dampen my sorrow with foam and the hollow


Come with me

Forget tomorrow, we can only borrow


Flowers fly into the gap

Hold it still and use a map

Butterfly with solid mind

Like the sun repaid in kind


Harbour thoughts like little ships

Full of hope you hit and miss

A different tune for mother earth

Cup your hands and eat the dirt


Waves fold in and hit your side

Hold on tight prepare to ride

Somewhere safe to keep your thoughts

A place to forget all you were taught


Bend the truth into a form

Mould its shape to face the storm

Keep your head above the waves

Keep your eyes revealing caves


Solve a crime with just a hunch

Fill your stomach with only lunch

Luck is rain in its very soul

Dig yourself a little hole


Speed train out of this city

Head down, hide from the pretty

Swaying softly in my chair

Even the girls who play with their hair


Crowd around, mock the weakest

In a cave, eye’s the bleakest

Cradle softly on my seat

But no girls with cinnamon feet


                        Solid gold / liquid mould

                        I hope you feel, like I’ve been sold

                        A bargain buy, an alright guy

                        Lesson learned; don’t sell your mould



Chase around for false pretences

You weigh me down with my own senses

Play it dumb with sneaky passes

Please, no girls with big sunglasses


Fall about into new ground

I never thought I’d hear the sound

Of familiar voices from the past

I saw the shadow that they cast

Over you


            Solid gold, liquid mould

            I hope you feel, like I’ve been told

            A bargain buy, an alright guy

            Lesson learned; don’t sell your mould


Lying on the floor in the dark

How does it feel to be stark… naked?

Crying to yourself on your bed

Hearts, not my heart, just my head

Not sure about the last one but nevermind
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