I've Got My Time Machine (bad_radio) wrote,
I've Got My Time Machine

More songs!

Not sure about this one:
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Sideways claims

The beach portrays tomorrow

Assigned to madness

It takes my gladness and sorrow

A plane away

Could fly today get out of here

My legs are tired

My mind is fired and full of fear


Hands broken, it’s all lies

Clenched teeth and short goodbyes

Loud voices, all around

I can’t speak my hands are bound


She went solo

But she will not know what we said

The roaring engine

Her mind is bending round her head

One small party

Met Mr Darcy, had a drink

Woke this morning

And when she was yawning she had to think


About the young man she left on the sand

And where the sun went when she put up her hand

All the movement, stopped with one notion

Sent the boy off into the ocean


Thought she did what was best

The offshore breeze

She will never second guess

In what she believes

Her boat of emotion

Sand in her eyes

Set sail in the ocean

No more lies

This one I'm more proud of :

Quick-fire, who will tire?

Daylight moon you’re out too soon

Fire! Fire! Agent for hire

I’ll take your lungs up in a hot air balloon


Dumb, lost, and out of control

Winter trees don’t keep your leaves

Tired, tired, go back to your hole

I’ll wake you again when spring takes its hold


Please, come back again

But from now ‘til then,

Keep your eyes on the ground

And your ears to the sound


Sound of the wind

Please don’t rescind

Your feelings are too good to be thrown

Out of this a forest could be grown


Down, broken, drenched and cold

Glory Lake your blessings I take

Lost, lost, your body is gold

And my mind is a mess when your eyes take their hold


Fell, jumped, right into the mess

Pure sky I’ll make you mine

Warmth, warmth, your warmth is the best

So pull up a pillow and I’ll tell you the rest

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